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Written by pupils at Portsmouth High School for Girls

Mrs. Good's class

As the darkness
Falls all
Becomes silent

The sea moves
When the
Sky moves

A butterfly
Flies as
The trees sway

My tortoise
Moves so
Smoothy around

Your heart guides
You as you

Alice W

The ants run around
Carrying food about
Tickling me all over

The dew falls
Bright as bright
Shining in the moonlight

The wind is blowing
You can see it
But not hear it

Badgers silent
Funny faces
So they don't bump into each other

Snow fall to the ground
Bright flakes shining
White as white

Walking in the countryside
Hearing the bells
And singing


My empty tummy's rumbling,
Time for tea, time for tea,
Hear the oven beeping

Orange sky, animals waking,
See the earth waking up,
And badgers going to bed

The honey bee,
Buzz, buzz, buzz,
Travelling from flower to flower

It's summer,
We'll go to play'
The sprinkler's out


Seeing horses
Cantering in the wind
Mane flying in the ear

People setting the clock
The clock starts to go tick tock
People getting red fingers


Playful kittens
Fast asleep
Cuddling up to their mother

Penguins walking
Down to the sea
Saying, Let's go for a swim


Here there and everywhere

Paint drying
    In the sun
On a summer day

Harriet Maund

Singing and dancing in the cool wind
Praying to God in church
Pitter patter goes the rain on the roof

Scarecrows twirl
And flop in the wind
In autumn

Hannah Miles

I am in the bath
Can I have five minutes peace please.
Thank you

Joanna Argent

Waiting for lunch
Empty tummy
Tick tock tick tock

Church bells
I hear them in the distance
Ringing softly

The wind
Whistling to me
In the night

Queuing for the train
People crowding me
As we get on


Leaves fall off the trees swaying in the wind
Red, yellow, brown and hazel
Leaves fall off the trees in autumn


In the morning sunlight
A daddy long legs climbed
Up my door


Five minutes peace
For once, then fighting again
I wish I could have five minutes peace

The clock goes tick tock
Mum said sh to the clock
But the clock did not stop

My mum said wash up
My dad said homework
But my brother said, Play with me

Madeline G

The ear of wheat
Goes dull

The shell comes near
Your ear
You can hear the waves of the sea

The white
Passes a rainbow

Yasmin P

The sea smells nice,
And sea crashing
Up against the rocks

Mum hates cleaning
Mum gets mad,
I go to bed out of the way


The sky is
Bright and

The sky is
Flooding with

The leaves
Are all green
And flowing with colour

Hannah Matthews

Put on woolly hats
Put on woolly jumpers
Play in the snow

I can hear the skylark
But I cannot see it
That is strange

Hear the snow bouncing on the roof
Hear it sliding off
What a little noise it makes

As you breathe in and out and close your eyes
Feel tummy empty
Where is the food?

Raphaella McEwan

Dogs in the garden
Rolling in the mud
Making dirt everywhere

At school I hurt my friend
I said
Sorry I hurt you


I hear raindrops on
The roof and people
Singing in church

Scarecrow is lonely
And so am I
Me and scarecrow walk together

Jessica Webster

Mother pony cantering round
In front
Of her little baby

Mum and baby horse
Stand head to tail
Wiping flies off each other

Mother and father bird
Making a nest for
Eggs to be hatched

Naomi Bazeley

Walking by a train
Steam came out
And frightened me away

Mum was doing the washing
I crawled in
And never came back again

The wind tickled the wheat
The farmer came and cut it all down
Then the wheat started to laugh

Emily Harrison

The cuckoo's song
Is low
And the lark's song is light

The leaves start falling
From the trees
Red, yellow, orange, golden

Mummies get cross,
Mummies are kind
Mummies buy you sweets,
Mummies take you on walks

Daddies play golf
Daddies play cricket
Daddies play tennis
But most of all they laugh


Mrs Jackson's class

As I walk in the snow
It goes sliggy sloggy as I
Walk through it

After church rumbling
Tummies I go home I have
Turkey for lunch

Nicola J

Summer grasses
In the wind
I love it that pattern

In the mountains
I like the sound
And the smell


The sky
Above the sea
The lovely cool breeze

Going on holiday
Hear the zip of the suitcase
And off we go!


One pound
A chocolate
And a keyring

A nice smell
A just baked cake
Just for me


Scarecrows waving
In the

Rain dropping
On leaves
Making sounds

On leaves


Wrapping in jumpers and coats
Snowflakes fall to the ground
All the land covered with snow


Summer grasses so sweet
As the dew falls
On the blades of grass


Autumn is a fun season
You can throw leaves
I like autumn

Winter is a cold season
I like to play in the snow
Throwing snowballs

In my little bed I sleep
Dreaming of a warm day
When I wake up I go out to play

Laura B

Jodie on my bed
Very hungry as usual
I feed her biscuits

Oh dear
Daddy's singing in the bath
He sounds terrible!


On my butterfly bush
The butterflies fly
Very zigzaggy in the air


Summer grasses blowing
In the wind
It looks like it's flying

Go to sleep!
We will get told off

Harriet Mather

Run with my bunny
Through the wood
And with the wind

Flowing river by
My side and hear
It whisper

Hats gloves
Coats and


In winter we hang up our advent calendars
And put up the Christmas tree
And the ground turns white

Left on the mantelpiece
A glass of wine
And a mince pie

In summer birds sing
And the tortoises wake
From hibernation


In my garden
Magic a butterfly


Five pies left for Santa
Left me a present
Next day my birthday

Hats coats
Gloves and

Yasmin Amin

The smell of the
Stable a delightful smell

In the dell I play with Ingrid
And we come off the monkey bars
With a bang


Reading in the garden
Look down and see
Crumbs in the book

In the kitchen
I see an ant
Crawling over the cooking book

Walking in the garden
I see a butterfly
I let it go by

Harriet E

In the morning of Christmas
Lots of surprises waiting
You can't wait to see what's in store for you

In autumn the leaves fall off the trees
The grass is brown
Everyone has got their fires on

In spring birds fly about
New flowers come up
There seems a new refreshing smell


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